To be social

In my twentieth attempt to quit gossip I decided to become more savvy in social media.  I figured if I spend so much time using it to gain information I might as well also be a source of one too.  I never realized how thrilling it would be.  There are so many different platforms to meet your every need but here are two of my favourites.

Have you ever felt like there are too many tabs open in your brain?  Pinterest will help you store some of that inspiration and in a format that is accessible anytime and anywhere.  If you’re a control freak like me this is an online version of one of your to-do lists but the best part is that there is no temporal limit.  Who cares if you don’t get to the file on “Decor inspiration” till two years down the road when you’ve actually bought a home.  Also, if you’re a shopping fiend like me a file called “Products” can help keep track of what is on your radar.  But trust, it’s dangerous for your cash flow because you will remind yourself of things you want.  You can follow my Pinterest boards here.

Tumblr helps to make up for Pinterest’s shortcomings.  My two most active boards on Pinterest were “Style” for my fashion inspiration and “Mapping beauty” where I posted images that I find beautiful.  But without an archive button it is difficult to locate that Emerson Fry jumper or Neil Patrick Harris’ photo.  With Tumblr you can upload these photographs but can also find them again later.  I started one of these accounts when I was looking for news about a certain Canadian ice dance pair.  US weekly doesn’t really cover the lives of figure skaters and fans always have more information.  So amongst the outfits, plates of food and travel destinations their faces would pop up every now and then.  Now I’ve kind of lost interest in them so I’ve purged my account, short a few images, and the blog reflects my current interests.  See but this is the strength of Tumblr, it allows for this type of flexibility.  That and the ability to control your content.  In Pinterest one way to garner followers is to follow individuals who re-pinned one of your items.  The positive aspect of this is that your feed reflects the preferences of so many different people form various backgrounds.  The limitation in this is that you sometimes have to weed through spiritual quotes and crafting instructions.  With Tumblr there are endless amounts of fashion bloggers to follow and they provide the type of content that you’re looking for.  There is less filler.  I run my Tumblr account found here as Kate Smith.  Surprise, surprise.

Although distinct this and other social media platforms are just a way to mold your online brand.  Of course most of us aren’t selling anything but our day to day life requires putting forth a certain identity.  Just like you had that cork board of notes, photographs and postcards in your youth, it’s here again, just online.  The best part is that you can create or erase, alter or keep whatever suits your needs in the present.  We all know that it’s written in ink and will last forever, so of course take care.  It goes without saying that one must educate the kids for sure but perhaps an extracurricular activity would also help.  There’s nothing better than going out and having an actual conversation.  But I almost feel like it’s become so banal.  Like with anything, your past actions impact the now, with or without the photos at the bar being hammered.



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