Shop girl

“It’s fine to shop at outlets as long as you have standards” says my husband.  Girls, I have one of the good ones.  Now that I live in the States I have landed in the motherland of outlet shopping.  They even seem to have restaurants so that you can get some sustenance amidst all of that bargain hunting.  There is nothing better than a mall where everything is on sale, I just personally don’t have the patience to wade through piles of unfolded clothes and throngs of people.  It would feel like Christmas eve at Yorkdale mall every day.  No thank you.  The only exception would be for Le Creuset.  I would enter those gates for a dutch oven that I can barely carry by myself back to the car.

I don’t really see the need for it either since online stores have sales every weekend.  When things are 40-50% off and the products are from this season and not four months ago, it seems a bit more practical since you can wear that sweater or blazer as soon as the post arrives.  Plus, you don’t really have to consider how some companies use different quality of materials for their factory stores.

I love the bargain as much as the next person.  There is such a thrill when you see a discount next to a pair of pants that you’ve been chasing after.  I literally checked the price of a dress from Club Monaco every other day for months.  In the end I bought it for full price because I needed it for an event.  But see, there is a bit of care and thought put into that right?  A sort of devotion?  So when I actually committed to purchasing it, I know that I will love wearing it that night and for many events to come.  You don’t necessarily need to practice this form of restraint when you’re in feverish mode at the sales bin.  You probably make more mistakes and have lots of clothes that you wear once or twice.  Trust, I get as frenzied as the next person, I guess I just like to hunt from the comfort of home with a coffee in hand.