Shonda Rhimes says that “you don’t make history by being liked.”  In truth the quote is from her show How to get away with murder, but it feels silly citing a series that has not even completed its first season, so I’m going to credit its writer/producer instead.  They say that the most influential people are often polarizing.  I guess that’s what they mean by the “it” factor because whether you agree with them or not, they are certainly not ones who wait to be introduced.

Some will argue now that there are plenty of individuals who have achieved great feats without getting a rise out of people.  You might ask, who could have possibly disliked Gandhi?  Um, I’m pretty sure that the British government in power at the time was not too fond of him.  But when his cause mattered too much and people were counting on him for leadership, I don’t see him as someone who shed too many tears over their slights.

I can’t believe I’m about to put one of the figures of non-violent political strategies and a teen-queen in the same post but here goes.  There is a purpose, I promise.  Kristen Stewart.  People seem to love or hate her.  It doesn’t really help that she was part of the breakdown of a marriage and cheated on one of the most genuine celebrities to emerge in the past few years.  He looked at her with such adoration.  I don’t really get it but then again I didn’t date him.  Maybe his “genuine” self-depreciation just became whiny.  I’m pretty sure after awhile you want to tell partners like that to get their shit together.  Her personal life aside though, my first impression of Stewart was that she was very pretty and a good actress.  Her face is clean, open and pleasant, features-wise, well when she doesn’t look upset.  Her method is subtle and it seems to come naturally.  But I can understand how she could rub people the wrong way.  Angst is probably the first word you associate with her energy but I don’t think she ever sold herself as one of those shiny, happy people.  Kristen has appeal and will probably have a long career because whatever you think of her, she is not boring.

So there you go, two individuals who excelled in their own spheres partly because they were true to themselves.  It’s not meant to be a comparison by any means, they are on two totally different planes.  But these instances provide valuable insight into the fact that not everyone is going to like you.  As soon as you let that desire go, while still being a kind and respectful person, you lose such a burden and do not run the risk of trying too hard.  Desperation becomes no one.  Do you like yourself?  Well, alright then.  Don’t ever want to be anyone but yourself.