Gumption: Guillaume Canet

My gumption post this week is about Guillaume Canet.  A French actor, he has mostly been writing and directing films for the past few years.  In his 2006 thriller “Tell no one” he maintains the taunt nature of the narrative through the masterful use of pacing, dialogue, music and a strong performance by Francois Cluzet.  Although it is an engrossing murder mystery, he also draws on issues of loss, guilt and memory.  I am also seeing his latest film called “Little white lies” (2010) tomorrow which gives the impression of being a light comedy but seems to address the larger issues of the nature and limits of friendship.

He also still occasionally stars in films and I recently saw “Last night” (2011) a review of which I will save for a later time.

All in all, Canet has a reputation for putting a great deal of time and effort into his endeavors with an intense need for perfection.  I enjoy that he seems to be very passionate about his work and from observing some of his performances and media interviews, he gives off the aura of an engaging and intelligent person.  Really, who stands a chance against his cheeky little grin?


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