A jacket and a purse

I realized that I haven’t written about any actual material things yet, even though my blog is called “Things I like”.  So, I’m going to give my first product reviews a go.

Lululemon rain jacket

I’m pretty sure that they don’t call it a rain jacket (warm up jacket?) and it is currently not available because their outer-wear is for the summer season.  So lets hope that they add it to their fall/winter collection because this might be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  It’s on the pricier side ($200) and you might ask yourself, “Why would I ever pay this much money for a lighter jacket?”  We Canadians who live with snow, sleet and freezing temperatures for most of the year will generally consider spending a bit more on the winter jacket because really, that’s all people see of your outfit much of the time from November to sometimes April.  Same goes for the boots.  Well, this jacket, due to its rain resistant material and thicker lining, is so versatile that I have worn it in early spring and late fall.  It is a great transition jacket when you are sick of wearing your winter pea coat and are hopeful that the skies will clear and the country gets some much needed warmth.  It’s also longer so it protects you from the wind and the hood will keep your hair dry and your ears warm.  The cut of the jacket is also form-fitting and sleek so a pair of skinny jeans really looks great with it.  I’ve even worn it in Thailand during the monsoon season on the back of a motorbike!  If Lulu does offer it in the fall I would recommend considering this purchase.

Roots satchel bag

I have never been an over-the-shoulder purse girl because I’ve always felt that it you are going to wear a purse, it looks much better slung under your arm.  I have since changed my mind for several reasons.  When I showed up to a party in Thailand with a wristlet, my friend said that if I didn’t want to get robbed it’s important to have big straps that you can put over your shoulder.  Thailand is generally very safe but it’s always important to be aware.  Anyways, I didn’t actually follow her advice till I came back to Canada and purchased the Roots “Small Venetian Prince” bag in brown natural leather.  It is so liberating not having to worry about where you left your purse and just stroll down the street to run your errands.  The purse also fits a surprising amount of things like my clutch wallet, iPod, sunglass case, iPhone, keys etc.  I even fit a Moleskine notebook in there once.  I chose a worn leather finish because I feel that companies don’t show off the natural beauty of their leather goods enough and I knew that I would mostly use it for casual occasions and to generally get stuff done around the city.  Roots also has great quality leather and friends have said that their bags last a few years no problem.