With the recent “News of the world” phone hacking scandal, it’s a good moment to discuss the gossip industry and celebrity in general.  The documentary “Teenage Paparazzo” (2010), which follows Adrien Grenier’s friendship with a 15-year-old celebrity photographer, critically evaluates the role of celebrities in our society.  Actors, actresses, musicians and other public figures are filling the void left by a less prominent monarchy and serve as the role models that many are drawing on to build their identities.  Along with the adoration comes the scrutiny into their private lives and they are intertwined in an industry that is solely built on relishing the mishaps, miseries and some happiness of others.

Not many would admit to supporting such a lowly form of media, especially since “News of the world” endangered the lives of others and compromised criminal investigations.  Their actions are beyond heinous but they are a part of an industry with people craving photographs and updates on the stars.  Supply and demand right?  The fact that I don’t mind my own business when it comes to celebrities who I do not know and will never meet is definitely something that I keep under wraps.  As a grad student much of my life is devoted to reading and writing articles and text, so gossip blogs are a way to relax and consume something that is light and frivolous.  We are trained to take apart arguments, to see beyond the surface and to be critical of anything we engage in.  So, I hope that I don’t take myself so seriously that I can’t admit my bad habits.  It’s unclear if I will ever try to break free from this vice but if you too like to “not mind your own business” I recommend two witty and snarky blogs that will provide you with the salacious details but also make you laugh:

“The Awful Truth” on E-online and “Lainey gossip”

So rather than list all the reasons why I love these two gossip gurus, I will provide you with two examples of their work that I guarantee will give anyone a chuckle.




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