I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.  Write a blog that is.  I even started one a few months ago but couldn’t commit so there is a lone entry out there in the blog “just be” that’s destined to go nowhere.  I was living in Thailand at the time and I thought that it would be the perfect way to start this project–when I am abroad and feeling so much.  I’ve read a few books that were former blogs and they always began with some sort of project or journey and this would be mine: a young woman living alone in Southeast Asia for the first time, loving it but also missing the life she left behind. Somehow it didn’t feel right so I let it be.  Now I am back and here to share stories, projects, and actual things that are helpful, enriching and wonderful in my daily life. I’m also back home with my husband, family and best friends.  Instead of talking about the negatives I will mainly be posting about what I love because it’s so much more fun to talk about.  There’s already a lot of negativity out there no?

The reason I have called this entry “situating” is because that concept is very important for me when I’m reflecting and for this blog.  I am currently entering my late twenties, married and a graduate student.  But with life choices and fate things will continue to change and my taste will also.  So, I hope this blog documents all of these transformations but also allows me to reflect on what has been helpful in the past.  It really has been a learning experience to get here and I look forward to all there is to love in the future.


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